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Thank you once again for your suggestions and yourself.

Ken and I talked about what you and I had discussed after getting home
on Sunday evening.  I tried the "I am ...ing ..." approach.  We ended up
in a 69 with my hand in his ass and his hand in my cunt.  I think it works.


I have been trying to figure out ways to add little touches of kink to
various moments during the day or night in addition to planned scenes or
parties.  This approach seems to have great possibilities in that direction.

Meeting you has been an important event in my life.  I hope to introduce
you to Ken some day.  You will like him.

Whatever happens, I will never forget how many possibilities you have
opened up for me.

That exercise with the grapes was eye-opening.  The knives exercise is
one of the most sensual experiences I have ever had.

One thing that has been refreshing for me to read was your essay about bottoming. You came into my life at the perfect time, because I was more than ready to embrace a new reality. You demonstrated that it was perfectly acceptable and respectable to be a strong bottom, a sensitive top, an equal to your play partner (without threatening the power dynamics of a scene)... because that’s who I am.

Click below to see class lists:

Click below to see class lists:


Felice loves to teach.

Where respect, humor, straight talk, and sex collide is where you’ll find Felice Shays. Providing sexual and BDSM education and counseling for a dozen years in the US and Canada to thousands of people, Felice has been featured in print and on T.V. encouraging people to do breathtaking sexual feats.

Recently returned to Brooklyn NY, Felice has presented at a plethora of conferences, sex toy stores, universities, and private functions including Lewis + Clark University, Barnard College, New York University, Good For Her, Black Rose, Pacific Friction, Dark Odyssey, Babeland, Lesbian Sex Mafia, The Eulenspiegel Society, Wicked Womyn, Shebop, KinkFest, Sugar, Tribal Fire, Come As You Are, The Exiles, Desire, Thunder In The Mountains, and Bringing Age Out Of The Closet. 

Felice is working on her new book on rough sex,

Brutal Affection: The Joys of Rough Sex, an excerpt of which is in Tristan Taromino’s anthology The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge.

"Clear and Entertaining."
"Funny Lady!  Great Spirit!"
"Felice Shays should have her own talk show."
"You are such a treat to work with, be around and learn from."
“Felice, if you just stood there and ate a bowl of cereal,
I would be enthralled. You give me inspiration to be better, and more important, stronger. I need that – we all do. Keep doing it!"


A long time believer that the personal is political, Felice began her work as a sex educator in the early ‘90’s in Boston.  She joined forces with Lillian Garcia, a powerful Deaf woman community leader, and together they modified the Planned Parenthood sex education for kids curriculum to fit the needs of the incredibly underserved Deaf teens in the greater Boston area. She and Lillian then toured the schools teaching in American Sign Language about sex, HIV + AIDS, decision making, and introducing Richard Moore to the kids: the first Deaf person with AIDS that the kids had ever consciously met. Radical, life altering, and humbling, Felice, Lillian, and Richard taught the kids signs they never knew; vocabulary defining their bodies, desires and how it all came together.

Fast forward a bunch of years and Felice, living in Brooklyn NY, began her 7 year tenure at (Toys in) Babeland. It is here she honed her skills and passion for talking to every kind of person about things that someone else thought should be terrifying or embarrassing to discuss. Instead, Felice, with her trademark humor, sensitivity and candor, sold vibrators to clit loving boyfriends, butt plugs to cock adoring fags, dildos and harnesses to 74 year old women (whose husbands pretended that the potted plant near the books was so very interesting). She loved the dykes who knew their ways around silicone as easy as breathing, and even that guy who didn’t know what a clitoris was, let alone what got his girlfriend off.

And that was just one week.
She began teaching sex classes at this women owned toy store.

Part Two coming soon

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