downtown ride

I am riding a subway.  I am traveling alone.  The car is only slightly full.  I sit across from a young man who stands up holding onto the pole overhead.  There are many different types of people on this train but this young man- must be in his early twenties- keeps my attention.  He is thin, with a soft early stages beard.  A party boy, a frat boy.  He wears his pants  so low you can see his white briefs, held up by a thin black belt and a prayer.  We enter a dark tunnel, and as often happens, we lose the lights in the car.  But unlike the usual loss of power, the entire train stops dead on the tracks.  We are certainly not moving.  I don’t know how it happens, but I am out of my seat.  I move across to this young man and without thinking, I rapidly remove his belt from his pants and bind his hands to the pole over his head.  A man sees my activities through the darkness and in no time is on his feet to assist me.  My young man doesn’t say a word and to make sure of it I remove my scarf from around my neck and shove it into his mouth.  Next, my lovely assistant takes off his own t-shirt and wraps it around our victim’s eyes. 

The rest happens so quickly.  I pull that boy’s pants down with a quick jerk leaving his hard-on ripping at the seams of his shorts.  Next comes his underwear, off in a moment.  The boy’s dick springs into life and a mouth surrounds his young steely cock.  The train suddenly lurches forward and with that the light comes back on in the train.  I am oblivious to the possibilities that other people may have feelings about what they are seeing.  I honestly don’t care.  I rake my nails against the boys chest, under his shirt and he moans through the gag.  His arms are so long and lean and stretched so very taut from the metal pole.  He continues to move against the wet full mouth against his dick, clearly wanting more.   I rip the blindfold from his eyes and he looks at me full on.  He gasps and looks down.  My new friend, the marvelous cock sucker, continues to work on the frat boy.  The boy cannot believe that he feels so good at the mouth of another man all over his cock and balls.  He looks back to me and with his eyes and through the thickness of the gag,  pleads with me to do him instead of the man.  Tsk, tsk, tsk - I am sure that's not how his mother or grandma taught him to say thank you. I sit back down in my seat and watch.  I want to light a cigarette but this is the ‘80’s and I’m sure someone would call the conductor about the smoke. 

Oh look, my stop is the next one. 
I tap the man on his knees who removes the juicy piece of meat from between his lips and wipes his mouth on the boy’s bare leg.  Our prey’s dick bobs up and down as the train comes to a stop.  We two leave the train with our little man still trussed up...and quite hard.

“Buy you a cup of coffee, Mister?”
We laugh as the train door closes.